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Jinshaa Machines Portable Keyway Milling Machine JSM 404

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Portable Keyway Milling Machine with 50mm Cross stroke to mill keyways of 80mm width with 200mm length The model JSM 404 Keyway Cutter is designed to mill (6mm) to 1 ? (32mm ) wide by 200mm long keyway slots in 110mm to 600mm diameter shafts. The cutter may be used to mill new keyways ,recut keyways after being weld repaired or to mill a new keyway to replace a damaged keyway .The machine uses a two bar v guide block system to auto align and center the tool to the shaft .for larger size shafts a system of chain clamps are included . The tool incorporates a geaduated depth of cut system .Axial feed is provided for by a manual ratched system. The model uses standard 16 mm shank mill cutters The machine comes with a standard storage case a selection of endmills from 6mm to 32 mm and clamping systems from 110 mm to 600mm diameter shafts.Ma x width of keyway 80mm width.

Machine Data

Machine IDWM5566
Jinshaa Machines
Machine typePortable Keyway Milling Machine JSM 404
ManufacturerJinshaa Machines
Year of manufacture2016
ConditionNew machine

Price and Location


Yusuf Topcu
Company NameCNC.ist
Authorized PersonYusuf Topcu
Mobile Phone+905324419163

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