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MECOME TC 6000CN Plasma cutting line for pipe cutting

Plasma cutting line for pipe cutting
The equipment destined to the circular plasma cutting of the welded pipes ensures a high quality of the cutting, not being necessary the deburring after the cutting.
The line consists of:
1. Plasma machine for cutting pipes – CIRCULAR POSITIONER MECOME TC 6000CN year 2011
2. BLITZ SAS filter – FB4C, AN 2011
3. Plasma jet cutting source – multiple gases Cebora Plasma Prof 164HQC
4. Air compressor

– Length maximum: 6000 mm
– Diameter minimum: 80 mm
– Diameter maximum : 180 mm
– Thickness minimum: 1,0 mm
– Thickness maximum: 1,6 mm

Technical Description
– Robust steel welded and machined parts which constitutes the essential base of the plant with useful length of 6 meters.
– No. 2 supports with rolls, adjustable in height, with analog display of the quote to compensate the various diameters and moveable along the bench to compensate the different lengths.
– Head of a rotation axis ALFA powered by a D.C. brushless gearmotor complete of encoder, with speed and position, managed by the Numerical Control. The movement is achieved by coupling the pinion that meshes with preloaded ball. The rotary head is moveable along the bench.
– Three jaws chuck selfcentering mounted on the head of rotation, manually operated by the worker, with 200 mm of diameter. The chuck has a inner hole to connect the fume extraction system.
– The carriage on which is bolted the rotation head axis X is driven by a D.C. brushless gearmotor complete of encoder, with speed and position controlled by the Numerical Control. The carriage slides on hardened and ground with ball bearings and complete protection from the dust of the guides.
– The cutting head fixed on a column is manily composed by:
 Vertical axis Y driven by a D.C. brushless gearmotor complete of encoder, with speed and position controlled by the Numerical Control with duoble function of compensate the different diameters and also as a vertical tracking system to compensate the ovality of the tube during the cutting phase to obtain a perfect quality along all the cut. The slide with 100 mm of stroke is mounted on ground and hardened guides while the motion is obtained by means of lead screws ball.
 Cutted tube support with pneumatic tilting device from 0° up to 45° to unload on the box container the cutted tubes.
– Numerical control for 3 axis (X, Y, Alfa), equipped with colour touch screen display (interface in Romanian language) for the control of torch position and welding speed. The system, complete with PLC, with 256Kbite memory, is equipped with RS232 serial port and with software package for the connection to an external personal computer (not included in the supply), to use both for the off-line programming and the back up of the recorded programs.
– Electrical panel installed on the machine complete with console for the operator.
– Photocell barrier placed for protection of the working area of the positioner with instant interruption of the operation of the plant in case of accidental access of people in the working area of the plant in automatic cycle. The perimeter of the working area of the plant is delimited by modular panels in pre-painted plate (height 2000) with access door, interlocked with the PLC of the Numerical Control, for the operations of programming and maintenance. The safety devices are managed by a unit with system of auto-diagnosis, interfaced with the robot control, and they are conforming to the European safety standards.
– Cutting plant CEBORA model PROF 164 HQC with 120 amp. (duty cycle 100%) and inverter technology, suitable for cutting mildsteel and Stainless steel. Complete of:
 Automatic torch model CP250 G, with straight lance, liquid cooled
 Cables for connection between cutting power source and gas consolle
 Auto-ventilated cooling unit
 Sensor presence gas and water
 Gas console unit
– Fume extraction system with filter and tube connection.
Aditional pictures upon request!
Price Euro 39.620 + VAT, Ex Works Romania
Irrtum, Anderungen und Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten /
Subject to errors, changes and prior sale /
Ne rezervăm dreptul la greșeli, modificări și vânzare
We speak English. /Wir sprechen Deutsch./ Beszélünk magyarul. /Nous parlons français/Vorbim romana

Price: € 435,820.00

TC 6000CN
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