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Reiter Reiter Abcoilanlage mit 6 Haspeln automatische Län longitudinal and cross section system

More technical data on requestDecoiler REITER
Year of construction 2006
Original price of the entire system EURO 288.200, –

Coil width 1,250 mm

Coil outside diameter 1,300 mm

Coil inside diameter 508 mm

Cutting length 7,000 mm

Sheet thickness of 0.4 is 1.5 mm
Maximum coil weight 2000 kg

Material steel Rm max. 400 N / mm²
CU, Al, stainless steel

Uncoiler for metal bands rider
6 pcs. CNC controlled
Type ABH 125-6f
Max. Width of the coil 1270 mm
Max. Weight of the coil 3 x 2000 kg
3 x 1000 kg
The reels are placed in the arrangement 2 x 3

Clamping range 370 x 520 mm
Max. Coil outer diameter 1,200 mm

Drive of the geared motor with soft start, infinitely variable
Speed by means of frequency converter.
Electric power per 1.1 kW for the reels with the capacity of 2 to.
                                         0.75 kW each for the reels with the load capacity of 1 to.
Manuelse spreading the tension segments

The reel stand is made of steel welded construction, the main shaft
consists of high quality tempered steel and is stored in ball bearings.
Important One-sided storage of the reel shaft, therefore easy loading.

Coil selector for sheet metal strips Fabr Reiter Model CS 6
Max. Sheet metal work 1270 mm
Max. Sheet thickness 1.5 mm
Number of coils 6

The coil selector is vertically movable, so that the required sheet horizontally in the subsequent
Machine is inserted. This ensures that the sheet is transported without distortion and at right angles.
As soon as the sheet metal is held in the feed rollers of the following system, the drive decouples and the
Further transport is carried out by the feed leveler. Roller conveyors lead the sheet from the reels into the coil selector.
The required coil is selected by the control, the change between the individual sheets can be carried out by a person in the shortest possible time.
     Combined feeder, straightening, longitudinal and cross cutting system Fabr. Rider Model ERSA 125-1.5For sheet metal strips and with electrical length measurementMax. Sheet width 1270 mmmin sheet width in the inlet 300 mmMax. Sheet thickness 1.5 mm sheet steel Rm = 400N / mm²at 3 glechzeitigen longitudinal sectionsElectric drive by geared motor and chain or gear driveFreely programmable control Siemens S / and frequency converter (machine starts smoothlyand does not jerk, thus increased accuracy when cutting to + – 0.5 mm / mLengthening and 15 programs (length and quantities). The software is designed that the user onlystill have to enter the plant-specific values. As a result, a few steps have to be taken in the conditionfeatures:Automatic zero cutControl of knife positionSpeed infinitely adjustableStatus message, error message in plain textJerk-free acceleration and deceleration through optimized rampsProgram and parameter data are protected against power […] graphic operator terminal operating panel OP 170 with 5.7 […] 8 pairs of continuously adjustable slitting knives. Minimum strip width 80 mmDigital knife adjustment device of strip […] two blade shafts are surface hardenedProgram-controlled lifting of the upper knife shaft for more automatic waste optimizationThe upper of the two feed rollers is pneumatically […] straightening unit has seven straightening rollers, the straightening rollers automatically adjust to the specified […] standstill of the sheet feed, the rollers lift, so that imprints of the rollers are avoided on the […] cutting-off scissors are designed as guillotine-type and have a hold-down with a protective insert, so that sensitive sheets are not damagedcan be. The drive is electromechanical. Electric drive power: 2, 2 kWPneumatically operated table between feed unit and dividing […] for applying a protective film, weight of the film roll max. 200 kgProgram-controlled knife adjustment quick ChangsRider Mod. QC 125-1.5Max. Sheet metal work 1270 mmMax. Sheet thickness 1.5 mmMaterial steel Rm max. 400 N / mm²CU, Al, stainless steel

Price: € 15,950,000.00

Reiter Abcoilanlage mit 6 Haspeln automatische Län
Year Of Manufacture
Hours Of Operation
Serial Number
A - Niederösterreich

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