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TMJ PP 301 Horizontal Band Saw

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A semi-automatic, electro-hydraulic metal band saw. This column guided bandsaw is designed right for straight cuts, with possibility of angular cuts of 90 to 60 seconds. The cutting angle can be adjusted continuously without change of material clamping. Specifications for PP 301-sectional area 90 45 60 Max. Average for slicing material 305 255 175 mm Max. Dimensions 360×305 255×305 175×305 mm saw band 3660 x 27 x 0.9 mm Motor power 1.5 kW hydraulic motor 0.55 kW Coolant pump 0.09 kW cutting speed 16-73 m / min working height 700 mm dimensions L x W x H 1800 x 1140 x 1570 mm weight 750 kg Standard equipment: Complete electrical equipment 400 V / 50 Hz Steürspannung 24V DC control panel Continuously on the Bandsägeständer Complete coolant system controlling the cutting speed by Frequency converters of turns 16-73 m / min hydraulic feed of the saw arm Infinitely Vorschubsteürung in the section continuous Adjustable-cutting angle 27 x 0.9 Sägebandsdruckskontrolle adjustable in the intersection by Armumschlag and locking setting the top position of the saw arm angle of the saw band to the worktable 3 saw band 3660 x saw belt in accordance with the cut material blade tension automatic means of adjusting spindle and disc spring hydraulic material clamping shutdown Sägebandbruch chip brush the saw blade Retractable chip drawer Mechanical Anschla […Technical data truncated]

Machine Data

Machine IDWM44241
TMJ PP 301
Machine typeHorizontal Band Saw
ModelPP 301
Year of manufacture2016
ConditionNew machine

Price and Location


Yusuf Topcu
Company NameCNC.ist
Authorized PersonYusuf Topcu
Mobile Phone+905324419163

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