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Vollmer CHP 20 H Saw Blade Grinding machine

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Machine for grinding the complete tooth geometry carbide tipped circular saw blades. Workshop Tested, wearing renewed. The machine can, by arrangement, to be viewed and tested under power. Saw blade outer 80 to 810 mm Saw blade bore: 10 to 220 mm Thickness: 8 mm tooth spacing: 6 to 120 mm Rake angle: -30 to +50 Clearance angle: 5-45 tooth height difference: up to 3 mm bevel grinding the tooth back: to 45 bevel grinding on the tooth face up to 15 Schleifweg (carbide-length): up to 20 mm free grinding the tooth back to 30 mm Grinding Speed: 0.5 to 10 mm / s Working speed: up to 18 teeth / min Grinding wheel: outer 125 mm / Bore 32 mm circumferential speed: 26 m / s Connected load: 2.0 kW capacity coolant pump: 40 l / min Capacity Coolant tank: 140 l Weight: about 700 kg Equipment and Accessories: saw blade holder, bore 32 mm edition 180 mm with holding magnet centering 16 mm with reduction sleeves 30, 35, 40, 50 and 80 mm grinding wheel face grinding Grinding wheel back-grinding

Machine Data

Machine IDWM6241
Vollmer CHP 20 H
Machine typeSaw Blade Grinding machine
ModelCHP 20 H
ConditionUsed machine

Price and Location

LocationD - Baden-Württemberg


Yusuf Topcu
Company NameCNC.ist
Authorized PersonYusuf Topcu
Mobile Phone+905324419163

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