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IOS Industrieofen Service Powder oven baking oven

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This system complies with the following directives: – EC Machinery Directive (2006/42 / EC) – EC-Low Voltage Directive (2006/95 / EC) – EC EMC Directive (2004/108 / EC) system is mainly made of stainless steel sheets, ( complete air duct) characterized the life of the Luftleitführungen increased by 55%. Basic structure: – double sheet construction – basic structure with walls, floor and ceiling insulation – double frame construction with minimal to no thermal bridges – wing door mounted front side, double wing – Electrically heated – C-rail (not included) mounts available Insulation: 150mm rockwool (min 120kg / m3. ) wall, floor and door insulation 150mm rockwool (min 120kg / m3) ceiling insulation cabinet: -. consisting of steel housing – built therein and vedrahtet according to DIN VDE 0721: main switch, process controllers, temperature control system, overtemperature, contactors, fuses, switches, indicator lights, etc. to control of the furnace – overtemperature protection – simple operation – limit monitoring system – temperature controller – remote control (optional) Temperatursteürung: – electronic control over program controller – adjustment: 0- 250 C maximum temperature: 250 C documentation 2-fold in German language – Schematic – BOM – spare Parts list – User manual – Declaration of conformity German production with branded components from German supplier, No ASIA […Technical data truncated]

Machine Data

Machine IDWM181272
IOS Industrieofen-Service
Machine typePowder oven-baking oven
ManufacturerIOS Industrieofen-Service
Year of manufacture2016
ConditionNew machine

Price and Location


Yusuf Topcu
Company NameCNC.ist
Authorized PersonYusuf Topcu
Mobile Phone+905324419163

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